The Highlands Subdivision St. Peters and Weldon Spring, Missouri 
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  Highlands Subdivision History

In the early 1990's Whitaker Construction started building homes in the subdivision now known as The Highlands. Home prices at that time started around $110,000. Remarkably, the prices seemed quite high at the time for this newly developing area of St Charles County. Today, nearly 25 years later, some home values are exceeding $380,000 to $400,000.

The Highlands owners should be proud of their subdivision. The neighborhood is filled with larger than average lots and impressive executive-style homes. Many homeowners have helped increase property values by landscaping, planting trees, updating their homes, adding room-additions, all which have helped all of the values of homes in our neighborhood.

The Highlands is a unique community in St Charles County, since it resides in both the City of St Peters, and also in Weldon Spring. Business leaders from all over the St Louis region reside in our neighborhood. The camaraderie and friendships that have been built over the years has kept neighbors staying in the subdivision, even moving to other homes within the subdivision -- rather than moving out; truly a unique quality among neighborhoods in the area.

In addition to the residents contributing their efforts to the increase of values of our homes, a big thanks should be given to the directors who have served on the Homeowner's Association over the years. Since 1992, we have had numerous directors who have helped lead our neighborhood in an effort to keep our home values as high as possible. These directors include Greg Ransom, Craig George, Pam Malone, Dodge Raymer, Jim Gallagher, Joe Napoli, Jim Donnely, Jeff Lang, Stephen Kelpe, Ernie Peters, Bill Schnell, Steve Mitchell, Don Strauss and Ken Spencer.

The directors could not do this themselves. We also need to thanks thank all of the committee volunteers over the past 20+ years, as they have watched over road maintenance, the neighborhood website (, the monthly newsletter, the neighborhood finances, the landscaping, dealing with city officials of St Peters and Weldon Spring, and also ensuring residents keep-up with the restrictions and covenants of our neighborhood.

If you see some of the directors or volunteers in the subdivision, please give them a thank you for the efforts. The directors and committees meet regularly to discuss neighborhood issues and any other topics residents want to talk about. Everyone is welcome, the meetings can be informative, and it's great place to meet your neighbors. 

Most importantly, we really want to THANK YOU! Each and every homeowner contributes to the neighborhood and helps continue to increase the value of our investments in our homes. Everyone makes THE HIGHLANDS a great place to live, work, and have friends, and we continue to have one of the very best neighborhoods in St Charles County.